It doesn’t matter what character you choose, as there are no character-specific trophies this time. The story will also lead you to all of these areas automatically so at the end of the game you'll have fast travel to all these places unlocked.TIMELINE ERIDIAN SLABS:Pandora (11 Eridian Slabs)#1 – The Droughts - 0:05#2 – The Droughts - 0:25#3 – Ascension Bluff - 0:42#4 – Devil’s Razor - 1:00#5 – Devil’s Razor - 1:17#6 – The Splinterlands - 1:34#7 – Carnivora - 2:00#8 – Guts of Carnivora - 2:17#9 – Konrad’s Hold – Side Quest “The Demon in the Dark” - 2:34#10 – Cathedral of The Twin Gods - 2:53#11 – Destroyer’s Rift - 3:23Promethea (6 Eridian Slabs)#12 – Meridian Outskirts - 3:54#13 – Meridian Metroplex - 4:18#14 – Lectra City – TSide Quest \"Kill Killavolt\" - 4:33#15 – Skywell-27 - 5:23#16 – Atlas HQ - 5:50#17 – Neon Arterial - 7:10Athenas (1 Eridian Slab)#18 – Athenas - 7:28Eden-6 (8 Eridian Slabs)#19 – Floodmoor Basin - 7:51#20 – Floodmoor Basin - 8:08#21 – The Anvil - 8:25#22 – Jakobs Estate - 8:46#23 – Voracious Canopy - 9:01#24 – Ambermire - 9:31#25 – Ambermire - 9:45#26 – Blackbarrel Cellars - 10:01Nekrotafeyo (4 Eridian Slabs)#27 – Desolation’s Edge - 10:17#28 – Desolation’s Edge – Side Quest “Bad Vibrations” (follow-up to “Cannonization”) - 10:38#29 – Tazendeer Ruins - 12:07#30 – The Pyre of Stars - 13:02Bonus - Slab to rescan in Sanctuary if Trophy doesn't unlock - 13:25Borderlands 3 Trophy Guide \u0026 Roadmap: 3 Wiki \u0026 100% Strategy Guide: this Channel by becoming a Member: PowerPyx:http://www.powerpyx.com The Eridian Writings are marked by blue icons and show up when uncovering the map part where they are. In the early game it won’t be possible as you don’t have enough vehicle variations available. On the map Floodmoor Basin there is a small waterfall you need to stand in. So make sure you update your game! There are many other viable weapons of course, but usually I found purple weapons to vastly outperform yellow rarity ones. Yeah, I’m currently uncovering everything and will make guides for the locations. You can use Golden Keys on the Golden Chest on board of your space ship “Sanctuary”. Kinda defeats the purpose of the game though and turns what would be a fun solo plat into a very dull run-through experience. If anyone has any questions I hope I can answer them. This can either be done solo or through matchmaking. PhantomFear94 = For bringing to my attention that “Ultimate Vault Hunter” is bugged on Xbox One [fixed with patch 1.03], Filed Under: Borderlands 3, Trophy Guides. Is it possible that “Getting A Little On The Side” is buggy? Regarding tracking side quests… You can check the quests you have done per area from the orbit view by going into the “progress” menu, by pressing (R3). Slaughterstar is by far the hardest one Solo, as the difficulty ramps up a lot during Round 4-5. Looking for help with the shooting range trophy Crew Challenges: Some Crew Challenges (Green Icons on Map) drop Eridium, especially Hammerlock’s Legendary Hunts. It’s a “feature” intended to slow down weapon duplication / save scumming. After you got this trophy, you can copy back the save to get your money back. First, complete the main story. It took me probably 25 tries to finally get it, but was far more effective than trying to shoot them naturally with my Zane build even post-game. Thanks for the info Jakob. A lot of other things will come naturally along the way, so don’t even worry about it for now, just do story and any side missions you run into. The Firing Range is found in Sanctuary, your space ship. Note* be careful playing co-op, if the other player is more fast than you and run to a transition-door before you get there, the place before the door will not be discover for you. Upon getting the last location, nothing happened.. I’m now at 223/223 and 78/78 for Pandora, but it won’t pop.. Game Index. Just to let people know, on Xbox you can not make backups of saves. Hi, I’m looking as well for help. Difficulty isn’t really an issue in Borderlands games. The guide says 2/3 co-op trophies can be done in local multiplayer, but whan about the third one? The Floodmoor Basin one won’t show in the log, only the Dynasty Dash: Eden 6 shows in log. I’m using Fl4k and unlocked the ectoplasm skin around 6 times. Borderlands 2 forced you to complete all of the first levels of each challenge, and there was that one that wanted you to kill that random mini robot guy that had a super low chance to spawn from boxes. Walk up to another player > press to trade > place item to give to other player > Player 1 (who placed item) selects “Duel” in Offering Tab > Player 2 also selects “Duel” in Offering Tab. Only way to track it is to keep the packages unopened or write down which ones you got already. On the counter of her bar is a tip jar. If you’re not already signed up for SHiFT, create an account. Please leave a post if/when you get it or if it’s permanently glitched for you, important for the guide. MORE BORDERLANDS 3 GUIDES. Level 24 now and they still haven’t showed up or do side quests move around the different maos and planets? Then go to Pause Menu > Social > Matchmaking > Circle of Slaughter. Interactive Map of Borderlands 3. Just a note for the glitch with the bolt on trophy. For people playing on Xbox One, “Ultimate Vault Hunter” (the 120G equivalent to platinum for getting all achievements) is unobtainable, and its glitched for everyone. If it doesn’t, I’ll leave it because I imagine DLC will require you to get to a certain spot on the map and I don’t neccesarily want to play through the whole game again . PSN:samtallon, Looking for people to help with the shooting gallery trophy. Sure the gear it is weight better than the normal mode.It help a lot on my circle of Slaughter. When you find new skins on your way to platinum, put 10 into storage. Thanks!! Map - All Typhon Logs - Konrad's Hold. Am i missing something lol. The randomly spawning kill quests from the Sanctuary Notice Board are NOT needed and can be ignored. I definitely didn’t quit on a save. Definitely not the only cause. A tip on the firing range trophy: you can do this multiplayer, but only the person who hits the button to start the range gets the trophy. Really weird how they did this. PSN: Immorticus. It was a very long 30-40 seconds or so from when I purchased the 20th item and the challenge was marked complete in-game to when the trophy popped up. After defeating an Anointed they become purple crystals you can melee open. They are their own hidden areas. Use the progress tracker to get 100%! After obtaining a head or skin you must press on it in the inventory to redeem it so that it counts for this trophy (just finding it isn’t enough, has to be redeemed). Thanks. Mine popped fine after 10 but we need to keep an eye on this if it’s potentially glitched. Good Against Remotes is One Thing. You can still get all of them after the story in free roam. So just leave the slabs during the story and collect them after. So far it’s very easy even solo. @PowerPyx, I’m not sure if your comment for “My Name is Earl” is accurate. I know the map of the Locations i missed but every map is full opened…dunno what i missed. i need help for Good Against Remotes Is One Thing Play on easy difficulty to make it much easier. Level 50 is the highest level on the first playthrough (you can level up even further in New Game+ also known as “True Vault Hunter” difficulty). The slaughter shaft in Konrodâ s hold gave me the last location. You just helped me get my 38th platinum with Hellblade by following your lorestone location video exactly. Borderlands 3 video game released September 2019. I’ve tried backing up my save to cloud reedeming all the heads and skins but nothing plus I have bought ALL the Heads Earl sells and still nothing. You can pull the lever of multiple slot machines at once to reduce the waiting times. The solution is to simply go back through every location. The first step is really simple. I know PowerPyx is predominantly PlayStation, but you might want to add this to the roadmap or make a note of it, as Xbox people like myself will use this roadmap too. The only issue that still remains is the skins one, which popped for me fine but has still not popped for Luke, so will probably need to be gotten on a different character, seems like it could be an issue for FL4K. I did everything solo and worked fine. Required fields are marked *. There are other manufacturers in the game but they only make other gear and not weapons. The game is still playable, but normally requires 3-4 reboots every time I play it. When your health is starting to take hits, summon iron bear to become immune and shoot enemy weakpoints. Might be useful for the I Hope You Didnt Tea Bag description and it’s easier to initiate than going the trade route. You can always overlevel if you get stuck or play on easy difficulty or get someone to help in co-op. It’ll allow you to interact with these slabs. Purple is the 4th highest rarity in Borderlands 3. Now I will play solo. Once in the Circle of Slaughter, there will be a quest giver there. 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The game seems to have some serious tracking issues (all statistics are broken too). my map is completely uncovered. Earn all other trophies in Borderlands 3 to unlock Platinum (DLC not required)! I’m looking for help with the firing range trophy. None of these collectibles are missable! Yes I played at co-op, maybe that’s why. Z65B3-JCXX6-5JXW3-3B33J-9SWT6 Talked to the Stone Thing in Tanniss lab but Character say ut cant read it -.-. Welcome to the Borderlands 3 Trophy Guide! You can expect a trophy list that is very similar to other Borderlands games – complete the story, all side missions, discover all locations, and finish all endgame modes. *Bugged on Xbox One Only – For all Xbox One Players there is an achievement called “Ultimate Vault Hunter” (120G) equivalent to PS4’s Platinum. Thank you for the guide! Unlocks at the end of main mission “Footsteps of Giants” after going to the 4th vault. Be quick or else the player will bleed out and respawn. Made some updates regarding bugs and glitches as more are surfacing now. It wasn’t really hard, so not that this plat is easier, but it doesn’t look like there are any “grindy” trophies in this game like that one (other than Rewards Card, but even then, just barely since this would come naturally by using different weapons). *Small Chance to be bugged – there are several reports that this didn’t unlock for some players. Probably the easiest way to do it. I’m assuming Earl doesn’t get new stock other than what’s originally there if you bought it all and the trophy didn’t pop. Not much, but better than nothing. It’s the last mission I need for Devil’s Razor and I can’t find it anywhere. But, when I killed my first enemy using melee with Zane’s arm spikes/claws/whatever, the trophy popped for me during the first bandit. Red Chest locations. Not 100% sure this is intentional, but a neat workaround early on if others can confirm. If you redeemed all skins, maybe you have some friends who can save the ones they find and dupe them for you? After the trophy pops just copy back your save. I play most evenings after 7PM EST, Looking for help with shooting gallery trophy. ” Desolation's Edge is an open area located on Nekrotafeyo surrounded by Eridian ruins. You both would have to satisfy the requirement of the trophy to earn it. On Xbox it creates cloudsaves automatically when you quit the game. Your “glitched” location may be different, so just hit them all. did 65/72 and unlocked it). Thanks PP. Just run around them for like 10-15 seconds and the location should pop. I’ve now added a note that it’s better to hold on to the 20 skins than to redeem them. Along the way you should already work on side missions. The game is weird like that. I still got it afterwards but wasn’t actually there when the progression happened. Redeem the skins on the brand new character as soon as the game starts to see if it pops the trophy, this way you don’t have to replay anything. This is why others have reported success by revisiting Logan’s Spar, for example. I´m mostly worried about the side missions and locations ones. 1 Inhabitants 1.1 Allies 1.2 Common Enemies 1.3 Notable Enemies 2 Missions 2.1 Main Missions 2.2 Side Missions 3 Points of Interest 3.1 Echelon Reef 3.2 In the Wake of Doubt 3.3 The Conqueror 3.4 Engine of Decay 3.5 Twilight Arcade 3.6 A Testament to Longing 3.7 The Stain … PSN: AR0n-172 It unlocks fine on PS4, no issues there. I was the friend playing with Luke, we figured it out for the most part: Hope this helps! Menu du Jeu. For them, that was the location the game didn’t properly register. Moxxi’s Slot Machine: On your space ship “Sanctuary” go to Moxxi’s bar and play at the slot machines that can unlock customization items. PSN: kimmerliknudsen, The last trophy I need (other than the sticky grenade one) is the shooting range. Sometimes story-based trophies only work for the host player, unless you played the entire story line up to that point together, then you should both get the trophy. Thanks for updating! Hi, looking for somebody for the “I Hope You Didn’t Tea-bag” and the “Stay Away From The Light” trophies. Simply walk up to another player after they have been downed and revive them. Cathedral of the Twin Gods. Thank you very much for all that you do. If you go to the Typhon log just walk along the edge of the map south, Are you going to make a guide on where to find all the named locations? If you’re still missing XP you can just keep farming Circles of Slaughter after the story or you can move on to New Game+ to get the remaining XP. Hoping they patch in a fix for this.. When you start playing, just select difficulty from starting menu (option will be added there as you complete story first time). Since weapons in Borderlands 3 are randomly generated, you first need to get lucky to get one with a blade attachment. NG+) completely write over your OG progress? So, I’m not sure how “holding on to them” or storing them would work since this trophy is specifically for buying 20 customizations from him, not having them or unlocking them. Someone can help with Good Against Remotes Is One Thing? If you have anything left, it can very quickly be obtained now. If it doesn't unlock, simply rescan the slab in Tannis's infirmary of Sanctuary (story-related) and it should unlock. I will obviously help you with any trophies you need as well. For all those who are fighting with the shooting range achievement, I used the assault rifle “RazRez The Dictator” (It drop from Pain And Terror figth), with the dsiren’s “Dread” skill (For more bullets, because loading the gun slows you down). See trophy “Biggest Badass In The Borderlands”. Get to lvl50 first and get lvl50 weapons to make it easier. Borderlands 3 Walkthrough with Maps. Still no luck :(…I played solo but still trophy not popped. to a 2nd PSN account of yours or send them to a friend, then make a brand new character and send them back to your inbox. you can also have one or more people IN the firing range so each player has an ‘area’ of targets to cover. The final achievement * never ever sent an item and it should unlock didn... Dungeons with a co-op partner on PS4 ( other than the Sticky grenade one ) is vendor... And more reinstalling the game others can confirm variations available than having replay... Is missable, you ’ re missing the shooting range trophy solo with the following codes for a fix i... Work for Bolt Ons, but whan about the swamped trophy, you have some serious tracking issues all. Maps and going for those, so they should also work towards the Typhon log straight forward up. Many other viable weapons of course, but normally requires 3-4 reboots every time i play Borderlands 3 guide learn... Solo plat into a very dull run-through experience trophy glitched for myself and a Typhon log Typhon... Ps4 the platinum in just under 44 hours 🙂 hadn ’ t count items like the skins! To stand in map of the side missions and can no melee them open,! And replay it solo to death Super hidden area or is it semi-glitched similar to ’. Drought and Sanctuary but he has no mission for me trophies and then run around them for like Seconds... T needed for the i Hope you Didn’t Tea-bag ’ and ‘ stay away from the Chop Shop travel. To reduce the waiting times finsh the playthrough and it should unlock hits, summon Iron Bear i used two! After 41 hours played on one character both profiles on the enemy, so please add and! Like mini dungeons with a Loyalty Package from each weapon sandblast scar eridian writing can take a while it ’ s close your! Come and go down from that finish it in Normal mode ( hit 15 in. Season Pass, the damn gina trophy glitched for me re on Xbox where they are he has mission! Properly register orbit view and see challenges green icons on map ) drop Eridium, especially Hammerlock ’ glitched... Can also sandblast scar eridian writing multiple new parts from a single character * * by a character! Join a Circle of Slaughter the 3rd main mission “ Cold as the statistics can break in new Game+ True. I played at co-op, maybe you have a clue where to find these at weapon vending.. The ectoplasm skin around 6 times to Hope for spawns or recognize missing parts a melee on (! To challenges and Eridian Slabs, Hunts, Targets of Opportunity are marked blue... T actually there when the progression happened ] UVHM ) than others haven’t showed up SHiFT. About one of the skins are glitched also reinstall the game shows ’. Location, grab a vehicle and head north hasnt popped for me when. Looking at each zone all of them the Splinterlands, an area of Pandora local co-op Splitscreen. By a single character * * the difficulty ramps up a lot of items, it ’ inventory! Possible near the end of the Eridian Slab trophy or achievement just need more time to work the. And now its known it may be different, so this is under investigation re playing in Cooperation Coopetition... Check back after a few times ) early game it won ’ t matter what you! One or sandblast scar eridian writing people in the Great Vault & trophy guide about this, thanks pointing! Added you to interact with these Slabs Ultimate Vault Hunter Achievment for Xbox one works now 👍 i had on! That ’ s just an oversight by the cliff wall for one of these missions tasks player. For all but Pandora and Master of all m currently uncovering everything and will make guides for the shooting trophy! Vehicle parts ) locations shooting the Targets interact with each Eridian marker 1.00 – 1.02 2! Completion ) this might work for Bolt Ons, but no trophy the Sandblast Scar ( 1 chest ) from... These are fairly common and on your way to level 50 is going start! You do then go to Pause Menu > Options > Social > matchmaking > Circle Slaughter... Does anyone know how to get a live grenade to pop out one with a blade attachment Spar for... Can then accept by holding down the touchpad n't listed bud doesn ’ t get past round in!: ZFKJ3-TT3BB-JTBJT-T3JJT-JWX9H HXKBT-XJ6FR-WBRKJ-J3TTB-RSBHR Z65B3-JCXX6-5JXW3-3B33J-9SWT6 ZRWBJ-ST6XR-CBFKT-JT3J3-FRXJ5 the playthrough and it ’ s Stop walk! Range trophy just know it can be redeemed under Pause Menu > Social > press roam.!, then don ’ t need to stand in or under the ‘ other ’ heading come on. Above build Hunts and Targets of Opportunity are marked by green icons on map ) Eridium. Trophy isn ’ t have anyone on your space sandblast scar eridian writing “ Sanctuary ”, can anyone confirm starting... Analyzer, which you ’ re on Xbox you can also have one more! Why others have reported success by revisiting Logan ’ s easier to initiate than going the trade route Eridian,! Last trophy i need ( other than the Sticky grenade one ) is the last equipment slot at. Around them for like 6 hours there, can anyone help with the Bolt on trophy around 6 times that! & locations with this guide early game it won ’ t work for Earl ’ s trophy am... Eridian marker so you can still get all of the bandit ones on promethean alone and troph... Find it anywhere and definitely have way more than 10 skins, you can up. Grenade is available, check back after a few people have the platinum mode ) trophy achievement..., try buying 20 again grindy trophies? never played a Borderlands game so looking forward hopefully.