You are never sure how much sunlight is partial sunlight or what well-drained and water-retentive soil means. A comprehensive plant care guide for your Peperomia. If you aren’t finding the answers and help you need, please check out some of our other resources like our Gardening Advice Blog or our Frequently Asked Questions Page. Oasis® Care Card - Hand Tied . Generally, your instincts will kick in as you grow as a gardener, but for now you can always rely on a … Oasis® Care Card - Flower Arrangement . Oasis® Care Card - Aqua Pack . Succulent (& Cacti) Download PDF. Star quality. Big Red Sage. You can take notes inside the card, 4 x 6 inch. In general, plants grown in well-drained soil in an appropriate-size container should be watered when the top 1/2 to 1 inch of soil feels dry. What better way to give your green friends some love than with this FREE plant care printable. We have seen them survive up to 2 weeks in a shipping box with no light or water (Do not try that at home). While we offer a general list of air plant care tips here, it is critical that you consider your environment when determining things like watering method and frequency. Learn the basics:- … Poinsettia care begins with proper light, water, and temperature conditions. We ship your creation to your home or relay point within 24 to 48 hours. Balsam Gourd. ), and it most certainly applies to plant care. String of Hearts Download PDF . Snake Plant Download PDF . Oasis® Care Card - Caring For Your Flowers . How to Grow and Care for the Plants in Your House. Houseplant Care Cards are a boxed gift set containing 35 cards packed full of advice and tips for botanical success indoors. Hoya Download PDF . Get more plant inspiration and care tips below from horticultural experts, but if you're looking for true no-maintenance foliage, check out the best artificial plants you can buy. Download Bench Cards. Jun 25, 2020 - The plant care card is foldable. INKLING: Printable Plant Care Instructions Before I left on my trip recently, I was really worried about my little vegetable container garden. Oasis® Care Card - Cut Flowers . Houseplant Care Cards are a boxed gift set containing 35 cards packed full of advice and tips for botanical success indoors. Air Plant Care Instructions Environment: The first thing to consider when determining air plant care is your environment. Ficus Download PDF. All houseplants have slightly different watering requirements, depending on how they're grown and changes in plant growth through the seasons.It's best to water on an as-needed basis rather than by a set calendar schedule. By The Editors. House Plant Care Cards. Care Cards . The cards are the perfect holiday gift for at-home botanists looking to learn more about plant care and also speak to growing consumer desires for mindfulness and mental health solutions at home. Pothos Download PDF. With a little TLC, this winter plant will flower again and again. Learn the basics:- Water: How and when to water your plants.- Light: Where to locate your plants.- Root Rot: What is it and how to prevent it.- … This project is perfect to laminate and post on your refrigerator to be aware of which plants need that extra TLC. Home→Welcome→Resources→ Plant Care Cards A-L. Plant Care Cards A-L. Agarita. You can quickly find out where a particular plant should be grown — full sun, partial shade, full shade, or indoors. Anaqua. Verde Plant Design. How to Care for Your Christmas Cactus so It Will Bloom All Holiday Season Long. On the back is basic information, such as average size, sun/shade requirements, and how to prune (of course). Not all flowers shown are grown every year. Plant Care Cards are listed below, to describe the best possible care and expectations of your plant. From Day 1, we pledged that we would build Paper Culture as an eco, sustainable business. Alamo Vine. Care and maintenance tips for each plant can be found within their descriptions. Help your customers make the right decision! Pale and small leaves, slow weak growth with long gaps imbetween leaves and lower leaves yellowing and dropping off? Autumn Sage. Black Walnut. Unhappy Plant? An ultimate guide for plant parents! For a beginner gardener, following plant care instructions can be somewhat confusing. Your cards will be printed & posted within 24h* (except luxury & pocketfold cards) Envelopes included. Lighting. Below you will find helpful care and grow sheets for many different types of plants and flowers. If you're looking to create an indoor botanical oasis, the House Plant Care Cards are a great companion to your efforts. Feel free to download and print these sheets as you wish. Holiday Poinsettia Plant Care. Water your plant when you first receive it by soaking 20-30 minutes. Material: Paperboard Pilea & Peperomia Download PDF. House Plant Care Cards. These cards are a great reference in identifying succulents you own, succulents you see around town, or succulents you see online. Plant Care & Maintenance. Plant Care Sheets. On one side of the new plant ID flash cards is the plant photo and its common name. Earth Day is coming up! 14.00. Bluebonnet. Our thanks to Samuel MacDonald and the WSNL Plant ID Guide for making these possible. Scroll down for our Air Plant Care Summary, YouTube Videos, and more about what to expect when you receive your order from ZZ Plant Download PDF . Ah, that felt good. See more ideas about plant care, sweet scented geranium, scented geranium. That’s why our cards use exclusively 100% post-consumer recycled paper or … Bluebell Gentian. Most house plants are hybrids of plant species that grow wild, somewhere in the world A good rule of thumb for keeping your house plants healthy is to try to match the same environment from which they originated. Three cards in the box are used for plant care information and advice. Take note of the size and color and you should see how happy the plant is. Flower Care Cards . These care cards will help identify problems for specific plants and suggest ways to treat the issue. Just follow these 5 easy steps to customize your plant bench card. On one side is basic information, on the other side is advice, tips and maintenance. Antelope Horn, or Spider Milkweed. During the holidays, while in full bloom, they typically enjoy semi-cool, humid locations in bright, indirect light with plenty of moisture. Each of our standard 11″ by 7″ horizontal bench cards catches attention with a striking image and provides quick and easy-to-understand information about the plant variety. Shop today! The larger the globe the more care you can give your plant. Lawn Care Slogans Business Cards. The ultimate guide to growing happy plants! Houseplant Care Cards are a boxed gift set containing 35 cards packed full of advice and tips for botanical success indoors and have advice on helping you identify problems for specific plants and ways to treat issues. Airplant Download PDF. Unhappy Plant?The care cards will help identify problems for specific plants and suggest ways to treat the issue!size : 13 x 10 cmbrand : … Click on thumbnails t provide plant information cards. It is a truism that applies to all aspects of our life (except cake, you always need more cake! Black Dalea. Verified Reply Verified reply from Melody. All plants require water, light, and food, but the trick to success is to practice moderation. Know when to water what so your plants survive the spring. Sustainability is the Starting Point. Plant 1 million new trees. Premium cards printed on a variety of high quality paper types. White envelopes are supplied free with all card orders. Dimensions: 130h x 98 x 27mm Weight: 220 grams Contents: Boxed gift set featuring, 32 popular houseplants care guides+ 3 cards featuring essential basic advice. Care guides for everything that's green and lives in your home! Barbados Cherry. With 32 illustrated cards packed with advice and growing tips for plant-parenting success, find guidance on watering, light and location, humidity, repotting and more on these handy cards. Fact Sheets & Plant Guides is a partnership of the National Plant Data Team and the Plant Materials Program.Fact Sheets provide brief descriptions of a plant, its uses, and cultural recommendations. Air Plant Care Summary. Peace Lily Download PDF. Houseplant Care and Maintenance Tips. For a guide to the basic needs of Interior plants see below. Search For Flower Meanings Here you can find plant care information for the house plants shown below. Check on the "Availability Dates" page for flowers and dates available. Air plants are very hardy and easy to care for. Oasis® Care Card - Pot Plants . Allow your plant to dry almost completely before placing in the globe. Oasis® Care Card - Roses . Welcome to Plant Parenthood™. Creating custom bench cards for your Garden Center is easy with Garden Center Marketing. Calathea Download PDF. Get customizable Plant business cards or make your own from scratch! Oasis® Care Card - I'm Thirsty . Quick delivery. I try to take really good care of these little guys and I was going to be leaving them at a crucial time. Empowering all people to be plant people — a collection of articles from The Sill’s team of Plant Experts across a variety of plant care topics to inspire confidence in the next generation of plant parents. No worries if you don't have a green thumb, with the right knowledge your plant will thrive. That’s why we’ve pledged that our cards will not cut down any new trees. Blackfoot Daisy. Fact Sheets & Plant Guides : About Fact Sheets & Plant Guides Customize the list of Fact Sheets & Plant Guides. The ultimate guide to growing happy plants! Keep this "picture" in your mind. Houseplants are kept happy by providing them with the right conditions to grow in as well as caring for them just the right amount….Essentially all houseplants are diva’s in one way or another! Crucita or Blue Mistflower. American Beautyberry. Bur Oak. Learn all about its watering, light, humidity requirements, and additional care requirements. Blue Curls.