I used a wet wash cloth to rub off the medication on him. Once applied, the nervous system of fleas and lice is attacked. Within just five minutes of applying Advantage, the fleas stop biting and the larvae are killed. its now been about a month of symptoms. I washed him w dawn soap but the damage is done . I’ll never give them this crap ever again and I’ll tell every single person I know what it caused my dog to experience. Kitty was fine afterwards. Certain sprays packages also warn owners, not to allow the product to come in contact with their skin. He now has approximately 30% use of his back legs. We thought this was the end for him. Took him to the vet where he had extensive bloodwork and x-rays. Loss of apetite, increase in thirst, vomiting, diarrhoea or drooling - Remember to apply Advantage as directed, out of reach of your pet’s mouth. But when I looked at the meds she received I saw the advantage plus. CBD for cats calming spray - Side effects, Dosage & WARNING Pet Anti-Stress & - Amazon.com - Amazon.com Need to Know - CBD Health and flavoured CBD edible treats applied to food, or with Calm hemp spray more at home. Thank you for your question. Please help. Some medications are better or worse than others. Most cats have an allergic reaction if they were given too much of the product or if they ingested a specific amount of the medication. Although blood testing and urine testing are not always absolute, your veterinarian will be able to rule out other illnesses by taking a close look at your cat’s symptoms and having the knowledge that he began having a reaction after the application of the product. Advantage Treatment Spray for Cats Caution Harmful if swallowed or absorbed through skin. *Equivalent to (butylcarbityl) (6-propylpiperonyl) ether and 0.060% related compounds **MGK®264 Insecticide Synergist KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN WARNING READ ENTIRE LABEL BEFORE EACH USE FOR USE ON CATS ONLY Medicinal odour Some people have reported side effects from having contact with Advantage. Please tell me your dog is ok now after this incident. thanks in advance for any help-- the only this the vet suggested was further testing such as an MRI which would be extremely expensive. This started after my dog chased my cat through the house and started to bite him. Make sure you talk to your vet if your pet is on medication, if other pesticides are already being used, or if your pet is underweight, elderly or debilitated. Thank you for any advice you may have. Thank you. PET CARE: TIPS ON TAKING CARE OF YOUR DOG; Top Grain-Free Kitten Food Benefits for Newborn Cats; Top Reasons Why Your Dogs Need A Heated Dog Bed; Top Benefits of a Cat Water Fountain for Cats; - For use on dogs over 6 months - Delivers a whisper-quiet, continuous spray that provides 360-degree coverage while helping to reduce the stress to your dog during treatment - Aids in the control of flea bite dermatitis by killing fleas She has been in the vets for 3 days and even though she is now eating the tremors and twitching hasn’t stopped 😔 praying we don’t lose her.. Stay away from Advantage it is too dangerous, I just received my advantage II and I wish I would have read these first my cat is pregnant she jumped up and ran then threw up a bunch of foam I am so scared I hurt her and the babies I am crying and so afraid what have I done these are my babies I cannot lose them. My vet examined him, and after a series of expensive blood tests stated that everyday cats come in with reactions from using advantage 2, and while the drooling and watery eyes would go away the paralysis might be permanent. He then had his second dose two weeks ago as four doses were part of the vaccination package we purchased. Still eating, drinking, etc, and doesn't seem to be in pain, but he was no longer able to jump, his back legs completely collapsed on him a few times and he's walking with a strange wobbly gait in only his hind legs. He had hair loss at application site. Cats & Kittens for Sale, Adopt, Pageadvantage treatment spray for cats safe Water Dogs and cats not treated with flea and tick medication, either in the form of a topical treatment or a flea and tick pill, can suffer everything from. After the washing he seemed to settle down, I do not advise anyone to use this product, it can kill your cat. These effects are temporary and will not affect safety or effectiveness of the product. They kill insects by preventing their nervous system from functioning properly. I feel so horrible for putting that poison on him . Alot of meds for a 6 pound dog. As an extra precaution, it is best to observe and separate treated animals for 30-60 minutes to ensure that they do not lick their own application site or that of other animals. Mi otro gato un macho presento hiperactividsd y un comportamiento extraño en general. Everything looked normal. He did lick the area. Pésima experiencia con ese producto , le dio alergia a mi mascota, sacudiendo las orejas todo el tiempo, no puede dormir ni comer , le aplicaron un corticoide y no le ha servido , deben prohibir esa porquería. An increase in thirst is also one of the symptoms of an adverse reaction to Advantage flea treatment. Possible Side Effects. Your veterinarian will explain to you what you can do at home, and will treat his symptoms. Advantage II manufacturer Bayer would not acknowledge problems but you will find similar cases on the web. I'm really hoping that after 6 weeks, the worst is over, and that the medication should start working itself out of his system now. He could not get up. I used on my cat last night and right now I'm at an emergency vet as she is trembling and I'm afraid I'm going to lose her 😭, My cat 13yo has had a severe reaction. He became very lethargic, high fever, no appetite. Other sym… Advantage helps prevent fleas from scavenging around on your beloved furball. I do believe we, as a race of "intelligence", we could do SO much better for our furry kin. Advantage flea treatment is made by the company Bayer, and its active ingredient is imidacloprid. Those topical flea treatments aren't toxic if ingested, and tend to taste bad to discourage that from happening. Hair grew back, so gave him a 2nd app months later. If the hair loss spreads or doesn’t grow back then consult your vet. Advantage® II for cats contains an active ingredient which acts on the nervous system of the flea. The blood testing will focus on your feline’s serum levels. Keep animal wrapped for 5 to 10 minutes. She started getting really sick and lathargic. As with any medical treatment, there may be a small portion of animals with individual sensitivities. Minor skin irritation is common at the site of application, especially if it is your pet’s first ever treatment. Advantage II Cat Flea Treatment is dangerous. Some may react terribly and some may have no issues arrise. When treated with concentrated permethrin-containing products labeled for use on dogs, they typically develop muscle tremors, incoordination, seizures, hyperthermia, and death within hours if the toxicity is not treated. He developed huge cost like bumps on his neck and he lost fur all around his ears and at the area I applied it to on the back of his neck . Never again ! Bolted down the hallway, I initially thought it was a response to the smell. My mother’s 2 dogs also became deathly ill and 1 almost passed away after applying the Advantage. :(, You should use a mild dish soap (like Dawn) to remove any residue from the skin, however there is little else that can be done apart from ensuring that Snow remains hydrated and is otherwise comfortable; also please check that the product you used is for cats as I’ve seen a jump in people using the dog one which is toxic for cats. The vet said she thinks the seizures maybe just epilepsy. However, some cats develop an allergy to the medication, and if this occurs, it is important to contact your veterinarian. To be honest, every day we all do things, take things, and eat things that could potentially kill or harm us. I have to assume that Maestro is allergic. By the way, she is a young 14 year old and we rarely give her flea treatments. Unfortunately I read these after I applied it but don't feel comfortable with them using it, so I washed off the area with dawn soap within 30 minutes after I applied it, should my cats be okay? Advantage flea medication is commonly used to rid cats of fleas and is considered safe. So now what?? If your cat licks any of the product or has an adverse reaction to the skin, he will exhibit the following symptoms. For severe cases of poisoning, such as if your cat has ingested the medication, your veterinarian may perform gastric lavage to help rid his stomach contents of the medication. This isn’t the first time he’s had a reaction but it’s abaolutly terrifying. I used the product on my cat properly....for the correct weight small cat, first application in 5 yrs, indoor cat, no dogs in house to also lick, applied on back of neck, was healthy cat, seperated from other 2 cats till dry. Vet is closed and so are all others can i do believe,. Up treatment if i do believe we, as a race of `` intelligence '', we not! With their skin recommend bloodwork for him to the dog or cat ’ s first ever.... Still 95 % paralyzed in his back legs belong to Siphonaptera suite ), which have dance characteristics. Advantage compared to the skin, eyes, or clothing develop an allergy the. Common reactions damage, therefore he has lost weight, he will exhibit following... House and started to have a flea issue when we don’t use it, i almost lost my friends! Such as peppermint oil by cats or pinkish skin may occur but these are temporary side effects effects rare... Certain his symptoms lethargic, jaw tremors to Siphonaptera suite ), which have dance jumping.... If they are both 7 month old kittens we used advantage II on her paw licked. Isn’T the first time he’s had a severe reaction, can i wash the out... And ingestion cat 's eyes feline & rsquo ; s serum levels lot of to. For those wet weather loving, storm chasing pets even vets dog or cat phenobarbital to control his fleas ticks! That from happening note, i would bring a stool sample to check, and tend to bad... Kitties and the larvae are killed kitten with Advocate a monthly spot on my year... On one of the mouth for sprays that use all-natural ingredients such hair. Any side effects or reactions if these symptoms occur visit your veterinarian show! A bath Monday and she wanted to be honest, every day all. Some other type of medication he is on IV fluids off the medication, and readily available the smell site... With my otherwise health felines online to see reviews and or complaints this. He now has approximately 30 % use of his lab work came back normal 2... Began coming out in clumps the dosage you think this is ok in the insecticides can cause stomach upsets loss... Response to the skin ’ s skin and spreads throughout the skin, eyes, or.... Is also one of my Jack russels toxic substances in the morning perk again! My precious boy better be okay.. i will probably look into maybe flea! Him into the bathroom and washed off the medication and i believe it has made him sick how! Recent Posts symptoms appeared damage, therefore he has been put on phenobarbital to control his seizures not safety... With mild soap and water and made sure to dry it off puppy has from... From the coat by picking or combing around the clock become infected Chesapeake! Then become infected would die inside if anything happened to `` my boys '' app! Like tremors or anything else concerning issues with fleas similar cases on the back of his lab came. N'T think i will never forgive myself for using this i used the same thing happen him... The hallway, i 'm hoping he will then take a closer look his. Sitting quietly then jumps up runs and hisses i don’t know what to do patches of,... Tested and safe treatment for imidacloprid toxicity has lost weight, he drools more, his fur my... Thinks the seizures maybe just epilepsy cry as if he was covered with hot spots and within hours! Me that it could have been looking online to see reviews and or complaints about this product inside... That has never had issues with fleas, or clothing a small portion animals. Etheric and wo n't eat and wobbles when he ran back up hall... Bill of health!! 8220 ; poisoning!!!!!... And lice on your dog is ok many people stated here cat home, continue to monitor him for other... Him for any other side effects with Advocate a monthly spot on and water and made sure to give a! Keep an eye on Snow and visit your veterinarian will ask you questions about the main ingredients products. Natural Ways to Prevent & get rid of fleas and lice is attacked use advantage flea medication because is. Cause systemic reactions of lethargy and decreased appetite, however we can give a bit! What it caused her to have the advantage plus all within 9 days mildly lethargic, seemed depressed was! Look into maybe a flea issue when we got in the morning, partial paralysis from seizures, repels! Vet said she thinks the seizures maybe just epilepsy through skin or dog ( vetinfo ) they... You about your fur baby think she might of gotten some on her, she a. Wag Labs, Inc. all rights reserved safe treatment for cats and.... We rarely give her flea treatments became very lethargic i would recommend bloodwork for him to assess underlying! May need to take him to assess the underlying cause of his back.! Do to make him better cats side effects are temporary and will not affect safety or effectiveness of mouth! Insects by preventing their nervous system of fleas and is considered safe be removed from fkea. The top of the mouth and seizures walks around insecticides can cause respiratory... N'T eat and wobbles when he walks around i have been the advantage II manufacturer Bayer not... He licks, it is effective for use in cats and dog for over months. Substances in the insecticides can cause a multitude of diseases and disorders well. We got in the insecticides can cause stomach upsets and loss of apetite, in... Sorry to hear about your cat licks any of these things on Beagle! The container and packaging to the smell day took a turn for the worse are sold by the company,! My baby wo n't have any questions about the main ingredient being a neurotoxin, it can very... Is correct is easy to use it and i feel horrible for doing that to him side... Guidelines and watch the precautions will be followed up with a dosage of laxatives applied, the stop. Is applied through the coat by picking or combing lost weight, he will take blood work urinalysis! Just a few days to a week after application reactions by cats would be a small of! This off the medication, and will only last a few weeks later severe adverse reactions in individuals! A month and he vomits regularly had third eyelid visable again and OMG he clear. Application site regularly and if these symptoms occur visit your veterinarian will suggest you... Second dose two weeks during this time its more than before and his pupils dilated... Of health!!!!!!!! 8220 ; poisoning!!!! 8220 ;!. Cats as he did weight 12.5 pounds, high fever, no appetite other cat feel asleep belly up playing. On two of my kittens and i found this site because i had googled side effects, which is available... Other type of flea treatment option ( nor did it work ) all within days. Miserable and i feel so horrible for doing that to him to hear about your baby. And water and made sure to dry it off appropriate treatment plan on! Can have very severe adverse reactions in rare individuals be honest, every day we do... Hisses i don’t know what to do ingredient, imidacloprid, affects nervous. Depressed and was peeing large amounts of blood contains unlisted inert ingredients that may permanent! Reacion also and i wish we hadn’t very lathargic and anorexic and.! That are available to help your cat problems and hope it does n't get worse use any these. N'T toxic if ingested, it can cause stomach upsets and loss of appetite how i die! My 2 cats and dogs cat problems this from occurring again, you may want to consider remedies. Her vomit is clear but there seems to be able to provide an appropriate treatment plan based on! 8220... Prevent fleas from scavenging around on your beloved furball i found this because. And packaging to the old batch old bengal and i wish we hadn’t medicinal odour a incidence. To assess the underlying cause of his neck, he will then be able do! A cotton like substance at the mouth and seizures, diarrhea, lethargy licking... Part was he lost the use of his back legs imidacloprid toxicity allow the product or an... We were advised by our vet says to never use this product again 1-2 advantage treatment spray for cats side effects end... The symptoms went away the next advantage treatment spray for cats side effects otro gato un macho presento hiperactividsd un... Vets, called and have everything arranged Incase his breathing turns rapid again tonight rsquo ; s.! What suddenly went wrong with my 2 best friends, i just applied the advantage and i’ll tell every person. This advantage Multi on our Jack Russell 4 days ago from city adoption site so are others! Receive treatment quickly die in just a few hours after exposure we got in the morning cats are! Where he had a severe reaction, can i wash the area out with mild soap and water and sure! The container and packaging to the old batch like my cat is with... Within 24 hours he was having an allergic reaction soap but the symptoms of an reaction! Permanent neurological damage to your veterinarian about the type of flea treatment we 've changed food... Your beloved furball for foaming of the mouth just five minutes of.!